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Empowering Adventure Athletes with the Insights of a Physical Therapist 

Beta for your BODY

Now Available for Online Personalized Programs

Move Well ● Play Forever

Most climbers want their bodies to perform without thinking about pain or injury, to continue their hobbies and sports throughout their life, and to simply feel good so they can focus on sending their project. 

Beta for Your Body is for climbers and adventure athletes looking to:

  • Maximize your body at any age and ability level

  • Learn strategies to scale your training or favorite activity while avoiding injury

  • Gain information about how to recover from an existing injury 

As a veteran physical therapist (and passionate rock climber and mountaineer), I work with clients assessing their movement, strength, and mobility to gain an understanding of their bodies' unique conditions and needs. 


After assessment, I incorporate research and deliver individualized plans to help them bridge gaps and shore up potential weak links so they can maximize their potential to stay injury free.  


Spend more of your time playing unhindered! I will do the assessment and create your plan; you get the personalized beta for your body that will help you stay on route and realize your goals.

Beta for Your Body can help you:

Be Independent & Knowledgable

I use a research-based approach to teach you how to manage on your own.

Be Strong & Resilient

Build the strength you need, where you need it. Build a plan to scale without injury.

Stay Pain-Free

Slowed down by injury or pain? Let's tackle this! Every body has the capacity to heal. Having a custom plan can get you past your plateau.

Increase Longevity

Who doesn't want to move free, be active, and and play forever? Age is not a reason to be sidelined. 

Knowing the correct move is your first step




About Me

My name is Becca Catlin. I have over 20 years of experience as a PT and have climbed just as long. Now in my 40s, I am climbing better then ever. Climbing is not just a young man's sport it's for everyone! I have found immense joy exploring high places and successfully trained and summited peaks in Nepal, Peru, Africa, Italy. Alpine mixed climbing is my favorite and I have explored many of the classic peaks of the PNW including 50 of the highest peaks in WA state. 

If you are training for a bucket list objective, or looking to keep climbing as a favorite hobby dodging injury and staying strong, I am confident I have some training tips and tools to help you acheive your goals. 

My practice incorporates movement analysis and strength assessment along side specifically dosed training to restore movement and function.


I have an extensive background in biomechanics and manual therapies. Even in a virtual world, this deep understanding of how joints should move and knowing how to get them moving provide a comprehensive approach staring deep at the joint moving out through soft tissue and into muscle strength and motor control.


I have taught post Doctoral level Fellowship programs for PTs and teach courses on scientific therapeutic exercise progressions nationally and internationally. My favorite summits include Ama Dablam in Nepal, North Ridge of Mt Baker, North Ridge of Mt Stuart. 

Hope to see you at the crag or on a Mountain!


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